Update Notes

Note: Only an overview of the last 2 updates of the COMPLETE FORTNITE SFX PACK are shown here. View "Update Notes.txt" found in the SFX pack for details.

[9.01] May 17, 2019

Tactical AR

  • Added Tactical AR to Weapons > Assault Rifles > Tactical
  • Added Wick's Bounty LTM sounds to Misc > LTM > Wick's Bounty
  • Added Bulletproof and Be Seeing You to Player > Emotes

[9.00] May 11, 2019

Season 9

  • Added Fire, Ice and Laser gun sounds from Air Royale LTM
  • Added Combat Shotgun to Weapons > Shotguns > Combat
  • Added new explosion sounds to various explosive weapons
  • Added Air Vent and Slipstream to Misc > World Objects
  • Added Empress and Kyo pet sounds to Misc > Backbling > Pets
  • Moved 'Dance Floors' and 'Environment' from Ambient to the same level
  • Added Fancy and Regular Flying Disc to Misc > Toys
  • Added Fortbyte sounds to Misc > Quest
  • Added 4 Music Packs to Misc > Music Packs
  • Added 7 emotes to Player > Emotes
  • Polished SFX organization across the entire SFX pack