Update Notes

Note: Only an overview of the latest update of the COMPLETE FORTNITE SFX PACK is shown here. View "Update Notes.txt" found in the SFX pack for details.

[10.20] August 28, 2019

Shield Bubble

  • NOTE: The SFX pack will be updated less frequently due to school starting in September.
  • I plan to update it every 2 weeks or so, but schoolwork may make the update schedule inconsistent.

  • Added Junk Rift & Shield Bubble to Consumables > Utility
  • Added Claptrap pet sounds to Misc > Backbling > Pets
  • Added 3 Music Packs to Misc > Music Packs
  • Added Pandora to Misc > POI
  • Added Claptrap eye to Misc > Quest
  • Added 6 emotes to Player > Emotes