Update Notes

Note: Only an overview of the latest update of the COMPLETE FORTNITE SFX PACK is shown here. View "Updates.txt" found in the SFX pack for details.

[12.10] March 7, 2020

My Final SFX Update

Please read the "Important Update" on the homepage if you haven't already.

  • Added Coral Commando Backbling to Misc > Backbling > Other
  • Added Agent Meowscles to Misc > Events > S2C1
  • Added 5 Music Packs to Misc > Music Packs
  • Added Alter Ego Outfit Transformation to Misc > Quest > Alter Ego
  • Added Dirt footsteps to Player > Movement > Footsteps > Dirt (Finally. Sorry it took like 7 seasons to find)
  • Added Throwables to Player (Throwing health and shield consumables)
  • Added Neo Residential Door to World Objects > Doors
  • Added 29 Emotes to Player > Emotes
  • Added Creepin' Cardboard to Consumables > Utility (Inventory)
  • Added Grotto and Yacht Ambient sounds to Environment > POIs
  • Added S12 Spy Lobby sounds to Misc > UI > S12 Lobby
  • Added Henchman and Faction Boss sounds to new folder 'NPC' in Player
  • Added Proximity Mine and Decoy Grenades to Weapons > Explosives > Thrown Explosives
  • Added Common RPG sounds to Weapons > Explosives > Launchers > RPG > Normal
  • Updated Flint-Knock Reload Mix in Weapons > Pistols > Flint-Knock > Reload Elements
  • Added Air Ducts, Security Camera / Turret / Generator, 2 Hideouts, Vault Door and Faction Chest to World Objects