Complete Fortnite SFX Pack

What is this SFX Pack?

The Complete Fortnite SFX Pack is the best way to get the sounds you need.

The SFX pack contains over 2000 sound files including weapons, items, vehicles, events, game modes and much more. I created the SFX pack in May 2018 (Season 4) and I have been regularly updating it by including new sounds from Fortnite's weekly updates and user requests.

When I first started editing Fortnite, I constantly had to find high-quality sound effects for my edits or record them on my own. I could not find any good SFX packs at the time, so I decided to make my own. Initially, the SFX pack was supposed to just be a small folder of Fortnite sounds I could use in edits, but it eventually became what I call the Complete Fortnite SFX pack. I do my best to include every sound from Fortnite's Battle Royale mode instead of making it just for editors. Whether you make Fortnite films, music, montages or other creative content, this SFX pack is bound to have what you need.

Keep in mind that I'm just one guy maintaining all of this, so if this site has issues or there's a specific sound you need, let me know! The best way to reach me is by commenting on the SFX video or by messaging me on Twitter. Links to both are below.